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Born and raised in Newham, I went to St Stephen Primary school and Plashet Girls school. Teacher for the last ten years. A committed and dedicated teacher for the last ten with Passion to provide the best education service to our young people.

With food inflation at 20%+ and all our bills going sky high, we need a council that protects its people. In the latest budget Newham Labour put up your council tax and made cuts to services totalling millions. Newham council is doing the dirty work of the government. As your local councillor I will challenge the Council to stand up to the government and launch a London wide campaign to demand more money from central government.

Labour are no longer serving the interests of working people, they are acting as agent of Tory Government and fat cats, I will speak out for you. Unlike the other political parties, I am independent which means that I don’t have to listen to a political party’s instructions or agenda because you as the resident are my party. I only have you to listen to you.

It’s time you say No to Newham Labour and elect me as your Plaistow North ward councillor to fight for your rights. Let’s make history in Plaistow North once again.


Why you should support me ?

Elected Councillor

I am familiar with the deep inequalities and deprivation experienced here and can always be approached to discuss the issues faced by the constituents.

A Socialist

I am a socialist, politicised by my own lived experiences and I am proud of our history of standing up for our rights.

A Campaigner

I have been actively involved in local campaigns to protect public services such as our local day care nurseries. Tackling inequalities and standing up for marginalised communities has always been key to me.


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